Erkki Luuk " " 2009

erkki luuk
" " (2009)

work no. 8. on the 9th june 2008, the curator margit säde asked me to
participate in the opening of "d V n" group exhibition in ljubljana
(slovenia) with a presentation. travel and accommodation was paid.
however, upon arrival it became clear that i was asked to do a
site-specific work as well. the subject of the work turned out to be a
presentation of an arbitrary, concealed and salient place in the
gallery, while the main subject was a universal, logical and whirling
sentence that accompanied it. due to the big success of the work i was
asked to do a site-specific work for the "d V n eesti ver" exhibition
as well, to be opened in tallinn on the 21st january 2009 (travel was
paid), the work turned out to be "work no. 8". the curators margit
säde and laura kuusk disallowed the heading, as it had no
justification neither from the viewpoint of the exhibition nor of the
work. the present text is added upon the request of the curators and
the text accepted by the curators

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