Artishok Biennale

Margit Säde Lehni x Triin Tamm at Artishok biennale 2012

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Exhibition And so on and so forth curated by Margit Säde Lehni in Kim? art space, Riga:

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If It’s Part Broke, Half Fix It

Exhibition curated by Margit Säde Lehni in Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius:

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Doings or Not 2nd workshop

From 17th to 24th July 2011 

Doings or Not circumstance-specific

Tamse base, Muhu island, Estonia

with art students from Estonian Academy of Arts and Annecy Higher School of Arts
and artists and collectives from Estonia, Norway, France. 


Olivia Boudier
Naomy Maury
Laurianne Monnier
Aldric Lamblin
Alicia Picon

(from Annecy Higher Art School) 

Jevgeni Krassi
Liina Lepik
Kadi Reintamm
Hanna Soodla
Siim Erlenheim
Silvia Mallene 
Pille-Riin Jaik
Tõnn Adermann 
Kristina Ôllek
Pire Sova
(from Estonian Academy of Arts) 

Anneli Porri (art historian, teacher in Estonian Academy of Arts)

Indrek Grigor (art historian, curator of Tartu Art Hall, author of the radio show Tartu Möliseb)

Mathijs Van Geest (artist, Katla collective, Netherlands/Norway) 

Jonas Jensen (artist, Katla collective, Norway) 

Ellen Henriette Suhrke (artist, Hellebou collective, Norway) 

Johanne Birkeland (artist, Hellebou collective, Norway) 

Stéphane Déplan (artist, France) 

Eva Labotkin (artist, Estonia) 

Kristiina Hansen (artist, Estonia) 

Johannes Säre (artist, Estonia) 

Laura Toots (artist, organiser of the workshop, Estonia) 

Laura Kuusk (artist, organiser of the workshop, Estonia/France) 

by the participants 
descriptions of the workshops
Indrek Grigor walking and thinking about his radio show
the dishwashing team
the Menu
Stéphane Déplant's workshop in process

Laura Toots and Eva Labotkin posing for the publication cover photo
Stéphane Déplant's workshop
Hellebou's workshop
Katla's workshop

Stéphane Déplant's fire making workshop

Stéphane Déplant's workshop

Katla workshop derivation map making
the Thing
the derivation map 
Katla group with the participants going to the 2nd point on the map (in the sea)

S. D.
evening artist talks

Laurianne, Olivia and Naomi after the interrupted exhibition
 preparation in neighbour's house veranda
 by Mathijs Van Geest 

by Laura Toots