Doings or Not exhibition in Ljubljana, Vžigalica Gallery

exhibition view
 Karel Koplimets "Import-Export", installation with sound, 2008

Triin Tamm "The Death of Effort" 2008

Ott Pilipenko "Still Life", 2008 
Visitors could open the caps and watch the looping stories taken from video games.

Triinu Lille "Associations", 2008

 Anu Vahtra "Untitled #4", 2008 

Laura Toots "Space Traveller", 2008

Iti Kasser "System Alert", 2007

Taaniel Raudsep "Work", 2008
Software programmed in Max MSP is randomly editing the same footage in real time

Indrek Sirkel "Poster", 2008 and Andrus Lauringson "Casino", 2008
Erkki Luuk, "Superlative Nothing", 2008

videos by Kristina Norman and Tõnis Kenkmaa

Marge Monko "Ladies Paradise", 2008
32 photographs from the series of 116. Artist shakes hands with customer service consultants in Tallinn's Department Store

Johnson & Johnson, "Failing to Articulate I & II ", 2008 
 Martin Pääsuke "Statue of Freedom", 2008
Documentation of an action in Tallinn. Citizens were asked to present their visions of freedom. The action took place simultaneously with the competition for the statue of freedom. 
 Anna Skhodenko "The Tradgedy of Independent Feedback Loop", 2008

Jaanus Samma "Audioguide 10.00-18.00", 2008
Visitors could call artist Jaanus Samma through Skype to tell him about the exhibition. 

Exhibition opening in Ljubljana 17/06/08


Indrek Sirkel's poster of Doings or Not in Ljubljana city 
 Poster action in Ljubljana city


Ljubljana crew group photo

 Martin Rünk, Anu Vahtra, Ott Pilipenko, Margit Säde, Erkki Luuk, Laura Kuusk (missing from the photo: Krõõt Juurak and Kristina Norman)